Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Enamel Tabletop

When I'm shopping for my kitchen I always seem to be drawn to the color red. I remember running into these pieces a few months and giving them a good look. Somehow I found my way back to them. Still love them. The pieces are enamel and made in a traditional way from Japan. Sold through the brilliant Uk shop, Labour and Wait.


  1. I adore Labour and Wait. It's like someone created a tiny store based on 100% things I love, not too cute or froofroo. They had that coffee pot in the perfect shade of mustard when I was there and it took all my willpower not to splurge on it.

  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You!
    I saw this couple & their wonderful shop in my "World of Interiors" mag months and months ago. I wanted to show my husband what kind of business the two of us should/could have together and couldn't find the month... I even emailed "WOI" to no avail and voila, You came through.
    You also came through when you suggested sycamorestreetpress cards...Perfect! Love your Pink Rooms.
    Thanks for a great site - keep it up! Lisa Anne



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