Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New! Trash Mount Print

I'm trying to post each day a little less. I want the posts to have a little more room to breath and for my readers to take in. Unfortunately, I couldn't control myself. I have to post this funny/sad affordable art print by Megan Whitmarsh. I love the color and composition.

"When I make a giant mountain of handmade trash I am lost in the fun of making, and feel like a kid building a fort. In the end I must resign myself to the fact that I have just added more crap to the world, but this seems an inevitable part of being an artist and a human. I try to remain optimistic."

I could go on about trash but I will try to resist. I guess I've been more sensitive to enormous amount of trash I see on the streets and hear in the voices around me. Seriously people throwing your garbage out the window of your car is not in anyway ok. I'll take a cue from Megan and remain optimistic.


  1. I love that you post so frequently! You're the most reliable blogger I can think of. But, I understand; not everyone will obsessively read and reread your posts in order not to miss anything ... um, even though I do ;) So, yes, if posting fewer times daily is in order, that's copacetic.

    Thanks for inspiring me all day long.

  2. nice problem to have! i struggle to get ONE post up a day. you are an amazing work horse for sure. but thanks for not waiting to post this print! gorgeous!

  3. Say it aint so! I'd only agree with posting less if you were thin on solid content, and you're not. So - keep it up!

  4. Don't worry I'll be here everyday posting. Just somedays might not have 6 posts but more like 3. I gotta spend less time blogging more time painting. A girl has to pay her bills. :)



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