Monday, February 9, 2009

Affordable Artwork: Bike Prints

This weekend was so warm I took by bike out for a spin around the block. There was still piles of snow and ice everywhere but getting out on my bike made me feel like Spring was actually right around the corner. I came across these bike prints after my ride and kinda thought they were awesome. Super colorful line drawings of road bikes are fun and reasonably priced, just $30 for a print. The shop carries lots of bike prints, t-shirts, and paintings from abstract to more detailed versions. Check out now: bicyclepaintings's shop.


  1. I like these - I love the angle they are painted at. i'm determined to get a bike this year.

  2. Love them! So graphic and simple. Bikes... who would have thought?!

  3. these are great. I love the line quality and the simple portrayal. they look like really simplified Kandinskys almost...



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