Sunday, February 1, 2009

about me.

morning 1.13.09

Welcome to my blog! I write a daily journal about my design interests and renovating a 257-year-old house. I wanted to share a little about myself. I tried to write a standard bio but it sounded cheesy. Maybe I'll try a ten things about me list? Here it goes...

1. I first went to school in New York for Surface Pattern Design but left and got my degree in Painting and Drawing instead.

2. I hate when people ask me where I'm from. I moved about 10 times as I kid and six times since I eighteen. My family is from Maine but I was the only one born on a brief hiatus in Connecticut. I guess New York feels the most like home. But when I was in New York, Maine felt like home.

3. My first real job in New York I was an assistant to an Event Planner. The company was just getting off the ground and I learned a lot fast. I loved the job but hated the long hours. I'm not a party girl but I found out I'm a great cook.

4. My first magazine job was at House & Garden. I worked on relaunching their website from the ground up. I learned a lot about writing, editing, and designing web-friendly layouts. I loved the mag and the staff. Unfortunately, the mag folded in November 2007.

5. After h&g folded, domino picked me up. At domino I wrote a $1 design column, optimized our entire site's search (huge and crazy project), edited all kinds of fun online exclusive articles, and became an expert twitter and facebook user. domino bit the dust in January 2009.

6. I am renovating a 257-year old house in marblehead, ma. Most of my days are spent blogging, painting, and working towards opening an online home store.

7. Renovating a house can be overwhelming especially when your broke and trying not to be debt till your a 100.

8. I love to cook and dream of opening a restaurant. I think I would rather eat at my restaurant then actually cook maybe that's not a realistic idea. Maybe I should just invite everyone over for dinner once a week and fill your bellies with cookies.

9. I moved to Marblehead because I can walk everywhere. I never wanted to live in town where I had to get in my car just to get a cup of coffee. Living by the ocean is pretty nice too.

10. Because of blogging I realized how much I love to take pictures. It's great to look back at all the photos I've taken and remember every single moment even the messy unglamorous stuff.


  1. i think the online home store sounds great--you pretty much already do that--you are connected to so many 'rich' sites/designs/etc- plus I envy your web know-how
    nice! I'm in WA now but used to reside not far from you- and photograph people

  2. This is a great blog! I found you randomly doing a search for Snug Harbor Farm. I live in Maine, but used to live in Salem MA, so I know Marblehead pretty well; I miss Cafe Appasionato and the North Shore in general. Lovely work you've got here!

  3. I love your blog, you've inspired me to start my own - though it will be lame next to yours!

  4. I'm hooked Katy. I miss New England like crazy and I love your house. Sooo much potential. Keep up the good work, and please don't stop blogging!

  5. I love love love your blog! I googled "suzani pillow" and whatyaknow, I found Katy! I love every picture you have posted, I am also renovating a 1902 home in Longmont, CO, and am having a ball (it's been 7 years now!) and we are just about to embark on gutting the kitchen in about a month. But as far as finding your "style," I agree, I am just attracted to good design, whether it is traditional, modern, etc. One of my favorite magazines was H & G and I was heartbroken when they stopped publishing. But with your blog, I get a taste of H & G again, and that makes me happy! Thank you for sharing your wonderful, creative, inspiring ideas, you have made my day!

  6. I also love your blog! It was so refreshing to come across your site. You truly have a great eye for all things design. Thanks for the many great posts!

  7. You have great insights, thanks for sharing all your finds and stories- very inspiring.

  8. This is a great blog! I really commend your bravery of undertaking such a huge project. I've always wanted to renovate a historical home. Marblehead is such a wonderful little town, you're very fortunate.

    Keep up the good work, I know it's a labor of love!

    P.S. Thanks for showing Thom Filicia's Lake House, I've been obsessing over it, and seem to have misplaced that Domino!



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