Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Round Up: February 27, 2009

weekly round up: february 27, 2009

It's so warm here today. I actually went outside without my jacket on. Amazing! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks again to the Marblehead Reporter for their write up on my blog. I love all the nice e-mails I am getting welcoming me to Marblehead, beyond sweet! Below a round up this week's posts broken up into suitable categories. Enjoy!

p.s. to view last week's round up click here.

Affordable Artwork: Crocheted Rocks: Resurrection Fern

Artist: Stefanie Augustine and Tauba Auerbach.

Fashion: Flower Hair Pins from Handle & Spout, Kate Spade Spring 2009: Classic Preppy Stripes and Dots, New Spring 2009 at Tucker, and Stripe, Polka Dot and Floral Umbrellas.

Flowers: Primrose Display and Girly Flower Inspiration from Saipua.

House Renovation: Gut, Redesign, or Fix

Interiors: Tom Scheerer: Bahamas Beach House Featured in House & Garden

Kitchen: Leather Pulls for Kitchen Drawers and Earthy Ceramics and Kitchens.

Marblehead: February in Marblehead

Paper: Tie Napkins

Pillows: Retro Chenille Pillows

Press: Marblehead Reporter and Guest Post at Tea For Joy.

Textiles: Vintage Chenille Bedspreads, Red and Pink Liberty Print Fabric, Blue and Yellow Floral Sheets, and Brahms/Mount Textiles: Cotton Blankets.

Wallpaper: Timorous Beasties: Thistle Wallpaper

Leather Pulls for Kitchen Drawers

I love this leather pull resource via one of my favorite blogs, Remodelista. Spinneybeck is an instant bookmark. Check out a great kitchen featuring these drawer pulls on

p.s. check out another great knob source here.

Vintage Chenille Bedspreads

Photo from Tom Scheerer's beach house portfolio.

Nothing says summer/beach house like a retro chenille blanket. I admit some are a bit goofy and over the top but a white version paired with a stripe bedskirt like the image above feels restrained bohemian. I found a few vintage versions on that I thought were pretty cute. The pink bedspread is hard to resist (i own a few similar) but to get the look above you really need to stick with white. Maybe the color versions could go in a kids' room? At the way bottom I found an affordable diamond pattern bedspread at L.L.Bean. Scour ebay, etsy, or thrift stores for more.

White on White Popcorn Tufts, $65

Cream and Green Tufted Pops on Cream $145

Vintage chenille bedspread, $95, attic wear's shop.

Diamond Floral Chenille, starting at $69,

Flower Hair Pins from Handle & Spout

I love a flower pin tucked into my bun in the springtime. A flower makes me feel so feminine and maybe a bit french. Made of silk taffeta and tulle from

(via oh joy!)

Stefanie Augustine: Artist

I just love these collage by Stefanie Augustine. She showcases some of my favorite furniture styles.

(via dear ada)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Marblehead Reporter

Me in the Local Newspaper

On the cover of the local newspaper this morning is an article about me and my blog. It was fun to be interviewed by Nikki Gamer of the Marblehead Reporter. I have to admit I found it a bit unnerving to be the one written about. I'm just so use to being on the other side. If you don't live in Marblehead you can view the article online,

If you've found my blog via the Marblehead Reporter, welcome! I write a daily journal about design finds, decorating, and renovating an old house. Click on any image to the right for coverage on affordable artwork, my favorite interiors, colorful pillows, or just some lovely images of Marblehead.
xoxo, katy

House Renovation: Gut, Redesign, or Fix

back of house

I know what your thinking, "That place looks like a dump!". Don't worry we have a vision. I'm sure once it's done you won't believe your eyes. At least that's what I tell myself.

The winter has been slow renovating the house. We don't have insulation in our walls and our pipes have frozen now about 3 times? Basically, we are just trying to survive. Now that Spring is around the corner we been thinking about some outdoor projects. I really want to get the whole side part of the house dug up and leveled so I can make a garden and add a patio. I want add a fence like the image of the house from early 1900's (below postcard). We also need to figure out the driveway situation. I would love a pea gravel type driveway.

I'm skirting around the biggest project/issue. What to do with the rotting back section of the house? We've discovered the back two columns are relatively new and also the most poorly constructed. The walls and floors are rotted, sagging, and a complete disgrace.

We've contemplated knocking down the whole back side and reconstructing it. I would like to the back space to be re-designed so the house didn't look so odd. The design just doesn't make sense, it's completely asymmetrical. The back columns need to merged or something. But then we run into historic code problems. Could we get a redesign passed? If that's not possible, do we just fix it?

How much could this possibly cost us? I wish I still had my job to cover these big expenses. I guess we need to get over our cost fears and call an architect. We definitely need a plan.

p.s. we bought the house painted two different colors. Note the blue and gray on the side.

p.p.s. I love all your comments. fyi we can't just get rid of the columns. our bathrooms (all three stacked) and main drain is in the smaller column and the larger column is our kitchen also with some heavy plumbing that would be costly to move.

side of house
Postcard of the House

Primrose Display

primroses: Country Living March 2009

I love this shot from the March issue of Country Living magazine. The caption reads, "In the Victorian age, growers were so passionate about primroses that they displayed the plants in elaborate theaters, or stages. This more modest version showcases different varieties while also protecting them from the elements." So cute, I love primroses!

Crocheted Rocks: Resurrection Fern

All of us bloggers love Resurrection Fern. Margaret is a creative genius. How can you not love her crocheted little keepsake rocks? This blog is for my mom and grammy because they probably haven't come across these beauties yet. You can purchase the rocks (which sell really quickly) or a photograph of a group of rocks elizabeth has crocheted. So pretty, right?

p.s. Margaret is the genius behind the lace ice doilies I shared back in January.

Tauba Auerbach: Artist

The Answer/Wasn't Here

I find these works by artist, Tauba Auerback so exciting. Language construction is so fascinating. Check out more:

Subtraction (Startling)

How to Spell the Alphabet

Thirty Letters

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tom Scheerer: Bahamas Beach House Featured in House & Garden

house & garden: Tom Sheerer Bahamas Project

I've tore this out from House & Garden years ago. One of my favorites. Ignore all the punch holes in the image, the photo has been tacked up on a number of different inspiration boards.

The house was decorated by Tom Scheerer—a genius of casual style. I've always been drawn to how colorful and lively the house feels even though the bright colors are actually only accents. His use of patterning energizes the space and captivates you without being too loud. How amazing are those kitchen tiles and that bed skirt? An idea I hope I can stress while decorating my new house. Check out more of a Tom Scheerer's great beach houses online.

Katsugi in Gold/Mushroom,

Kate Spade Spring 2009: Classic Preppy Stripes and Dots

kate spade spring 2009

If I could buy all my clothes in early spring I would be a happy girl. Spring is full of color, stripes, and classic preppy style. By the time we actually get to summer the racks are full of skimpy slut clothes. Fun every once in awhile but not something I can personally pull off. So from now till May we are in my favorite clothes zone.

Kate Spade an icon of preppy style does not disappoint this spring. I love all color, stripes, and dots. I kinda want that yellow bag and maybe the yellow boat shoes....seriously cute. Check out more:

Retro Chenille Pillows

'Oh my god, totally cute chenille pillows!' That's what I thought in my head when I spotted these pillows. I have thing for vintage chenille. So cute for just $17 each. My favorite is the pink number above. Check out more chenille creations now at

p.s. don't miss enhabiten's other super cute pillows styles available on her site too!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Red and Pink Liberty Print Fabric

I've always been a huge fan of Liberty Fabric. When I went to school for textile design I wanted to make all my patterns look like Liberty's classic Tana Lawn Prints. I been thinking about making a curtain for this small little room that I want to paint pink. (check out my paint inspiration here). I want something feminine with some reds and pinks. I pulled together some of my favorite Liberty prints to see if any would work. Now which one would I choose? Find tons more prints and colorways at

Girly Flower Inspiration from Saipua

I love these girly little bouquets from Saipua. The cascading over the side composition looks amazing. My arrangements never look this perfectly muffled.

Timorous Beasties: Thistle Wallpaper

I've been daydreaming about this Thistle wallpaper by Timorous Beasties. I spotted a little piece of the print in interior shot somewhere and have been thinking about it ever since. So gorgeous in a large space. Unfortunately, large spaces don't exist in my house. Available in a two size repeats: super wide or regular. Check out more:


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