Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up: January 30, 2009

Weekly Blog Round Up: January 30, 2009

It's been kinda a bummer week. Domino closed, I lost my job, the economy is sliding into the total shitter. Thankfully we tried to lighten things up around here with a chocolate vanilla birthday cake. I started the week showing off some great white bathroom images. Next week I promise to share more bath inspiration. Have a nice weekend! Below is a list of all my posts from the past week broken up into suitable categories.

Accessories: Hand Carved Sperm Whales and Golden Cods

Affordable Artwork: i. klee design postcards, Drying Our Boots by the Stove Print, and Ice Cream Painting.

Artist: Elizabeth Shuppe: Painter and Eric Blum.

Bathrooms: Basic White Bathroom Inspiration and 2-Family Dilemma and More Bathroom Inspiration.

Fashion: Bow and Flower Belt Inspiration

Flowers: Birthday Cake and Flowers and Spring Flowers at the Grocery Store.

Furniture: Upholstered Ottomons, Reed Stool, and Floral Needlepoint Ottoman.

Holiday: Valentine Day Cards 2009

Inspiration: Electro Magnetic Spectrum Chart

Jewerly: Sailor Knot Ring

Pillows: Vintage Floral Euro Shams

Tabletop: Blue Ombre Bowls

Textiles: Cross Stitch and Embroidery, Mark Hearld, Plaid Wool Blankets from Faribault Mills, and Plaid Flannel Sheets at Lands End.

p.s. find all the resources featured in January 2009 by clicking here. See you in February!

round of january blog posts

Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Cake and Flowers

greg's birthday cake

This afternoon I made a cake for my boyfriend's birthday. The cake turned out perfectly. Usually I have a hard time with the buttercream frosting. The frosting sometimes isn't thick enough and slides off the cake. Not this time! I had a perfectly baked even cakes and a nice stiff chocolaty frosting. I can't wait to try it. I bought a few flowers at the grocery store to entertain myself while the cake baked. To view more photos just visit my flickr photostream.

p.s. I will do my weekly round up of posts later tonight.




flowers and dots

flowers on dark background morning 2.1.09

Cross Stitch and Embroidery

Treefox, various orginal cross stitchs, $10-$22,

Cross stitch and embroidery seems to making a huge comeback. Maybe as the economy continues down into the total shitter the trend towards handmade goods will continue. I know I will spending a lot more time at home; baking, gardening, and making crafts. Maybe cross stitch would be something fun to pick up? Here are just a few of my favorite cross stitch artists above and below.

chez sucre chez, custom monogrammed towel, $18

chez sucre chez, custom letter cross stitch, $43, ChezSucreChez's shop

squirrel silhouette cross-stitch pattern and kit, $16, ChezSucreChez's shop.

Chez Sucre Chez, set of four letters spelling love, $80, ChezSucreChez's shop.

various wall wear pieces, about $45-$75 each, neawear

Electro Magnetic Spectrum Chart


My boyfriend sent this over because he knows I have a thing for color charts. The chart is a electro magnetic spectrum. All the light that we can see with our eyes exist in the wide band between infrared and ultraviolet. It's practically nothing. Click on the image to view larger. Super cool.

p.s. the image came from here.

Mark Hearld

St. Jude’s gallery will be exhibiting in London Monday 2nd February 2009 - February 12. The exhibt will include printmaking, collage, fabric and illustration by Christopher Brown, Jonathan Gibbs, Hand & Eye Letterpress, Jonny Hannah, Mark Hearld, Angie Lewin, Old Town and Alice Stevenson. I've been a total fan of Alice Stevenson's work for some time. Mark Herald's work caught my eye in the new press release. Above is woven fabric designed by Mark (available as pillows) and below a few pieces that will be on display at the new exhibit. To find out more visit:

Blue Ombre Bowls

new bowl from grammy 1.29.09

My grandmother sent me two of these gorgeous blue bowls. They are pretty heavy pottery and the outside has a ombre like finish. There are no markings to give me a clue where they could be from or how old they could be?

blue ombre bowls

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Upholstered Ottomons for a Coffee Table

We are in direr need of a coffee table. It's a little embarrassing when people come over and they have no place to put their drinks. I'm searching for a upholstered ottoman because I like the soft lines and that the piece can be used as additional seating. My inspiration shot is above. I love this room! I eventually want to pair the ottoman with a nice rolled back striped sofa similar to one shown.

Below are a few ottomans I've found online. Word of advice. Tape out the area that the ottoman will actually fill. I thought I needed a much larger version but then when I saw the size in my room I realized I needed to go much smaller. Most of the pieces are available in additional fabrics so don't be discouraged by the upholstery pictured.

Mitchell Gold, Theo Square Ottomom,

Ballard Designs, Castered Tufted Storage Ottoman, $399-$559,

Lee Industries, Tufted Bench,

Lee Industries, Bench Ottomon,

Ethan Allen, anton ottoman, starting at $599,

Yves Ottomon, $1,395.00,

Reed Stool

I love this little reed stool because it reminds me of a warm place with maybe a beach and cocktails? Here I go on my cocktail talk again and it's not even noon.

Spring Flowers at the Grocery Store

spring flowers at the grocery store

When my inbox was filling with e-mails and press releases telling me domino closed yesterday morning I was out shoveling snow and taking pictures of spring flowers at the grocery store. Makes me laugh.

supermarket flowers

Valentine Days Cards 2009

Dutch Door Press, Assorted Letterpress Valentines, $4 each, dutchdoor's shop.

Morning everyone! I thought I would start the day off with some valentines I've been eyeing.

Linda & Harriet, Pig Love Card, $4.50 each,

Black Pearl Press, You + Me Valentine, 3 for $12,

you're the blank to my blank card, $1.75 each, elisejoy's shop

Sycamore Street Press, Valentine's Day Cards, 6 for $18, sycamorestreetpress's shop.

Paper Moon Project, Old Fashioned Valentines, 5 for $20,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Domino Magazine Closes

domino closes

I honestly don't know what to say. But the news is true. I can't believe it. I worked at House & Garden that closed in November 2007 and now domino too. Am I cursed? I'm totally sad and wondering what will happen to all my favorite magazines? Join the discussion over at design*sponge.

p.s. what do I do now, paint?

Bow and Flower Belt Inspiration

A little belt made of bows and flowers is pretty darn cute. But the $160 price tag kinda made me gasp. I know some crafty friends who could probably whip a few of these with some supplies from m&j.

(via bliss)

i. klee design

How amazing are these collage photographs grouped by color? I'm seriously in love with this idea. I don't know if I have as interesting of objects around my house. Maybe I will just buy an image from i.klee for just $3 instead.

(via dear ada)

Elizabeth Shuppe: Painter

I am in love with these paintings by artist, Elizabeth Shuppe via all stripes.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drying Our Boots by the Stove Print

"Drying Our Boots by the Stove" by Ann Toebbe couldn't express the middle of winter any better.

Plaid Wool Blankets from Faribault Mills

I'm a huge fan of plaid wool blankets and I've written about them a few times before. Here is a new retailer to add to my list, Merino wool throws and bed blankets are all reasonably priced.

p.s. here are some links to more plaid wool blankets I've written about:

Recycled Wool Plaid Blankets

Grey Striped Wool Blanket

Plaid Wool Blankets from the Scottish Weaver

Johnstons Blankets & Cushions

Atlantic Blanket Co.

Wool Blankets: Toast

Glacier National Park Blankets

Tartan Wool Blankets from Buchanan Antiques

Vintage Welsh Blankets

Vintage Floral Euro Shams

Adorable vintage euro shams from Touch Of Europe. Prices range from $14-$30 based on a pair or single covers.


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