Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

A Selection of Photos From 2008

Happy New Year's Eve! I am heading down to New York this afternoon to spend the holiday with family and friends. I can't wait for my nieces to try out their new scarves I made. (Yes! I finished both of them in record time!) Above is a collage I put together of some of my favorites memories from 2008. I wish you all love, happiness, and success in 2009!
xoxo, katy

I finished my scarf!

Scarf I finished and the next one

I officially finished my scarf I started last winter! I love the gray yarn it's so comfy and fuzzy. I started on a purple one for my oldest niece. Hopefully I can finish hers today because I have a pink one to make for her sister!

Me and My Scarf I Made

Textiles From Guatemala

Somehow I came across nimpot.com last night while I was searching for "Guatemalan pillows". The site is full of gorgeous colorful textiles from different villages in Guatemala. You can purchase from the site but only via check or money order..seems strange. Prices range from $50-$500. Check out for inspiration: nimpot.com.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hand Knit Mittens on Etsy

Hand knit wrist warmers, $35, morava's shop

One of my New Year's resolution is to become a better knitter. I would love to master the scarf making skill and move onto hats and then maybe mittens! I love all these hand knit mittens by the talented knitters on etsy.

Scandinavian Hand Knit Mittens, $19, GreenBeanDesigns's shop

Flip Top Mitten, $24.95, Nana Knits

Lavender wool ladies mittens, $24, betsyblueberry's shop

Porter Paints: Wallpaper

How I love wallpaper! These three papers are from Australian based company, Porters Paints. They are available stateside via Sydney Harbour Paint Company. My favorite is the pink floral above.

Floral Two-Seater Sofa at Pinch

I am looking for floral side chairs for my living room in fabric like this. How cute is this little two-seater? So English and fun.

(via bliss)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Doors In Beacon Hill

Holiday door in Beacon Hill

I love all of these doors that I shot in Beacon Hill (boston) on Sunday afternoon. So quaint and New England. Hopefully we will get our house painted this summer. I really want to paint our front door red like the image above. Enjoy the rest of holiday!

Fruit above holiday door
Holiday Street in Beacon Hill
Holiday Doors in Beacon Hill
Swag around front Door Boston
Simple wreath

Modern Pastry In North End

Modern Pastry in Boston's North End

It was so warm here today all the snow melted away. We headed into Boston this afternoon to walk around and enjoy the warm weather. How could we not end the day with a yummy cannoli from Modern Pastry in the north end? I love the photo below with the two italian guys arguing outside the shop.

Modern Pastry

257 Hanover Street

Boston, MA

(617) 523-3783

Modern Pastry in Boston's North End

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jay Waldron: Photographer

I have friends coming over this afternoon so I better get my butt in gear and start cleaning up our messy house. One last share for the day. Don't these images just feel like Sunday morning? One of my favorite chemical brothers songs should be playing in the background. Part of series of photographs by Jay Waldron called, feelings.

(via aunt lou)

Dan Haskett: Illustrator

An illustration by Dan Haskett based on the theme of "The Other". See more: danhaskett.co.uk.

Snowman Rosy Cheeks and Bundt Pan Hat

I couldn't resist posting this adorable snowman photos from Martha Stewart. The above photos uses red food color to make rosy cheeks on the snowman. Below make a decorative hat using by layering molds of a bunt pan. So cute!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Jeffrey Fisher: Illustrator

The NY Times always has great illustrations that I totally fall in love with. The above image from Jeffrey Fisher showcases events happenings on New Year's eve. Many of Fisher's illustrations have appeared in the Times before but for some reason this one caught my eye. The subdued color and layering of a washy sky against drawn linear buildings feels perfect. Check out a few more of Fisher's pieces below and online.

Jocelyn Warner: wallpaper

Now that the holidays are winding down it's time to get back to the house renovation. I would love to get the entry way hallway done this winter. I've been contemplating wallpapering the space but have been kinda freaked out that the walls will get ripped. The space is really tight and we have a really hard time getting furniture up and down the stairs.

So if I did wallpaper what about this paper from Jocelyn Warner? Super pretty poppy paper that comes in five different colorways. Feminine and pretty.

John Robshaw: Yoshino Curtain On Sale

Guest Room: New Bed and Sheets

A few reader's wrote and asked where I got the curtain that appears in my guest room covering the closet. I got the curtain at a John Robshaw sample sale last spring but you can now pick it up on sale at Anthropologie! A single curtain will cost you about $59. Still pricey but so much cheaper then they were. I am thinking about getting a couple more just in case I decide to cover the windows with the curtains rather then the closet.

Philippe Weisbecker: Illustrator

I'll be blogging here and there till the New Year. I wanted to share these images from illustrator Philippe Weisbecker before I forgot and lost the link. A few of my favorites above and below. Check out more here.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Making Cookies On Christmas

Baking Cookies On Christmas

I hope everyone is having enjoyable day off. Greg and I spent our first holiday alone in our new house. This morning, I got up and went out for a run! The sun was shining and it was actually really warm. Usually we spend our holidays running between our two families houses. Honestly, it was so nice to just stay home and relax. We spent the afternoon making cookies and taking some photos with my new holga camera. For dinner we made a little ham, twice baked potatoes, and asparagus which turned out to be really good! Yum ham. Today was a perfect day. Merry Christmas!

Making Cookies On Christmas
Baking Cookies On Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Budget Gifts Ideas Winner!

Macaroni Snowflake Ornament

Stephanie from Even Cleveland is the winner of the budget gifts ideas sweepstakes! I absolutely fell in love with her diy snowflake ornaments. A sweet and cost-effective gift for the holidays. Stephanie was kind enough to share the instructions with all us. I can't wait to try out this fun craft.

p.s. my boyfriend said, "I think they're gorgeous"....he not a gorgeous saying kind of guy. I got him his own glue to help me make some.

This is how you make them:

1. Select your macaroni - I used large and small wagon wheels, small shells, and fiori (flower shaped pasta).

2. Come up with your designs - this part is the most fun. I like to spill a few macaronis out and move them around, until I find the most snowflake-like arrangements. This year, I came up with ten different styles - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and the strength of your glue!)

3. Using a good strong craft glue (Like Aleen's or Smart) and a small paint brush, apply glue generously to the edges of the pasta and attach the pieces to make your design. Once they are put together, I like to lay them out on wax paper to dry. Let glue dry completely, making sure to rotate your snowflakes periodically. This prevents them from sticking fast to your wax paper.

4. Using a large cardboard box, lay out a single layer of the snowflakes. Make sure that they are not touching each other. Spray lightly with glossy, fast-drying white spray-paint. Let dry. Re-apply in light layers, letting snowflakes dry in between, until they are completely coated. I spray the backs as well. As they are drying, give the box a few gentle shakes to keep them from drying to the bottom of the box. Make sure to keep the coats of paint light, or the macaroni will soften and start to lose it's shape.

5. Once they are painted and dried, it's time to apply the glitter. I thin my craft glue with a few drops of water, then use a sponge brush to lightly coat each snowflake with glue. Sprinkle generously with glitter, and let dry completely, Re-apply glitter as needed to cover any empty spots. I used large flake clear crystal glitter on these, but any glitter would look lovely - it's craft magic.

7. Attach a looped length of ribbon or monofilament, and ta da! Macaroni snowflake ornaments!

I made mine white, but I think colorful ones might be fun, too. They make great garlands as well. I also tie them on the necks of wine bottles as little presents.


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