Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wood Beds

I am seriously been obsessed with my new favorite site, Toast. The image above has inspired me to work on my very small guest room. I think I want to buy a few blossom pillows and a set of ticking stripe sheets and duvet from Toast to start me off. I want to pair it with a plain wood bed that will fit snugly into the walls. I started searching online and I came across these two at Room & Board. The lines feel simple and a bit Shaker. I think I should keep investigating. Let me know if you know of any good inexpensive sources.

Calvin Bed, $799-$1,299, roomandboard.com.

Lowry Bed, $899-$1,299, roomandboard.com.

Animation: Natsko

I found these short animations late last night when I couldn't sleep. The clips are really imaginative and fun. I wish I could do animation! Check them out now: natsko.com.

Hans Wegner Dining Chairs

Hans Wegner, Wishbone Chair, on sale for $550, karkula.com.

My recent obsession with Hans Wegner's rope chairs sparked an interest in his dining chairs. Each one is simple and uncomplicated. The chairs represent a simplicity that feels more utilitarian then stark and modern. The uncomplicated lines make it a perfect suitor for nearly any type of interior. I have my eye on the Wishbone Chair above. I've seen this chair many times in basic black but this version feels really danish. The colors and textures are warm and appealing. A few of my other favorites below. Check out more: karkula.com.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

J.Crew At The Liquor Store

I have been hearing rumors from all my New York friends about J.Crew's new men's store in an old bar. I don't care so much about the clothes but the styling of the store is amazing! Attributed to Andy Spade—of the Kate Spade mega-prep brand—consulted on the styling of the space. The store oozes old New England waspy charm. I definitely need to invest in some worn antique rugs and various wood pieces. Get the full scoop on the store and check out more images: urbandaddy.com.

J.Crew at The Liquor Store

235 W. Broadway (at White)

New York, NY


Rainy Fall Weekend

Flores Mantilla

All weekend it poured rain here in Marblehead. By this morning Greg and I were feeling like we were stuck in a fog of perma-sleep. We headed out for a long morning walk to try to refresh ourselves when we spotted this impressive display of fall mums and plants at Flores Mantilla. A striking spectacle of jeweled toned reds, purples, and yellows flowers pulled us in from across the street. The impressive show lifted our spirits and reminded us how much we love fall.

Bittersweet Wreath

Fall Flowers
Pepper Plants
Fall Mums

Friday, September 26, 2008

Astier de Villatte Website

I am getting ready for the Presidential Debates in just a 1/2 hour. While we wait check out this cool website a friend just sent over. Honestly, it took me a minute to figure out why the site was so cool. The website is flash based and you need to hover over different objects to make it come alive. A really fun idea. The website is even sporting my new favorite green! The green looks totally hot with that red dress. Maybe I need a red chair? Check out the site to explore: astierdevillatte.com

Paper Cut Prints: Elsita

I love these black and white paper cut prints from Elsita. I remembering seeing these prints awhile back and of course forgetting where I saw them. I discovered them again via the delightful blog, annsage.com. Elsita's paper cuts are prints of the original pieces. I totally need to add one of these to my art wall. Prints will run you $25 for a 8.5" x 11" piece. Check out more from Elsita: etsy.com.

Scarves: Matta

The weather totally sucks today in New England. Cold, gray, and rainy. I just took a little jaunt down the street for my second latte of the day when I spotted these scarves at my favorite new clothing store, French + Italian. French + Italian is full of decadent clothing and accessories that feel simple, earthy, and classic.

Tied around a simple gray tee was my newest obsession (above). Elegant turquoise and emerald greens flowers abstractly dance around a gorgeous 100% wool scarf. A great accessory for the fall to brighten up a simple wardrobe—like my new work from home basics.

The scarf is made by a NY based company, Matta. They carry a great selection of global inspired clothing and accessories. I am smitten with their scarves. Prices range from $100-$156. I know they are really pricey! Buy one and make it your signature piece for the entire winter. Seriously you will grab this scarf every time its cold and miserable outside. To check out more visit: mattany.com.

Spotted at:

French + Italian

129 Washington Street

Marblehead, MA

(781) 639-5129

Script: Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn in the East Village

I am working on a new banner for my blog. I spotted this script at The Mermaid Inn a few months ago. The curvy lines of the script are thin enough that its not too fancy or feminine. I am thinking about incorporating a script like this with a line landscape drawing of Marblehead. Maybe in all black and white? We'll see how it goes! Be sure to check out The Mermaid Inn's website. A few screenshots of their super cute website below.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pinhole Artwork

This is my last post for the day. I promised myself I would get my office/studio clean so I can start making some of my own artwork. Right now I just want to stare at these beautiful pieces from Heather Smith Jones. Each piece is so delicate and elegant. Totally affordable! An original paper cut pattern will run you $45 for a 5 x 5 piece. Check out more: etsy.com.

English Floral Pillow

O.k. I know I already showed my love for new favorite site, Toast. But I had to share these super adorable pillows! The print is so cute but not too cute. They feel vintage and pure English. Even better? The fabric has accents of my new favorite shade of green! Maybe they are perfect for my hated brown couch? To purchase visit: toast.co.uk.

Wool Blankets: Toast

I am a huge fan of cuddly blankets. I'm an even bigger fan of plaid wool blankets! I found this great UK site via poppytalk. So many great things! Check out some of my favorite blankets from Toast above and below. So pretty! I want them all. Thankfully, gathering all my favorite into a blog stops me from buying everything in sight! See more cozy favorites: toast.co.uk.

Linen Tableclothes: Libeco Home

I have been dreaming a lot about linen tableclothes. They have to be one of the most sumptuous items you can dress your table with. The flow and grace of linen is distinctly feminine and classic. I've been drooling over these gorgeous pictures from Libeco Home. I don't think I could choose just one. Check out more: libecohomestores.com.

Wall Colors I Love: Greens

I've had these images in my inspiration folder for awhile now. A couple of the photos we have seen before. I thought I would group them together here for inspiration. I love these greens they are so earthy and classic.


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