Monday, July 25, 2005

Floral Frogs

A Floral Frog is a great trick of the trade! I found the best prices for frogs at Jamali Garden Supplies. Jamali’s is located in New York’s Flower Market on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.

A Floral Frog is a clever way to make floral arrangements look rounder and fuller. There are many types of frogs. The one I used looks like a flat, metal, round, pincushion. Flowers easily affix into the metal and allow for a sturdy upward shape.

I used a 4 ½ inch Frog ($11.99) in my container to create a low, dense, rounded-shape. Use foliage you collect from your garden to create contrast in your arrangment. Using foliage as a filler will also help to fill in gaps or holes.

Roses create a romantic feel when arranged in a large tight bunch. This beautiful terracotta pot at Jamali’s was just $5.00. The naturally-aged stone looks organic and weathered.

Jamali’s has a great site. Beautiful planters and vases at unbelievably cheap prices!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I found George Anderson unexpectedly in the town of Rockport, Massachusetts. Contemporary Art comes few and far between on the North Shores of Boston. Most of the work I see would evoke a viewer to say, “That would look great above my couch!"

I was elated to find an abstract painter whose work could stand alone and be grand and interesting even if it wasn’t hung above the prized couch.

Anderson’s works concentrates on the theme of Marine Life found on the rocky shores of Rockport. Scenes of fisherman and nautical landscapes are typical of his work.

Anderson may irritate the typical “Coach Painting” viewer by using saturated colors, blocky shapes, and abstracting the scale of images. However, the result of using modern applications creates an image that is remarkable and eye-catching.

I urge you to check-out George Anderson’s website. You will find exceptionally designed and executed works. Weather you’re in the market or just browsing being exposed to art will open your eyes. Try to explore galleries and museums in your town or on vacation. You never know what hidden treasures you might find.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Helen Parker Textiles

What a delightful store and concept! Helen Parker Textiles is located in the seaside town of Rockport, MA. Visit her retail store and you will see first hand how Helen makes her one of kind textiles.

Hand-printed table lines, pillows, and scarves are made in her studio everyday. Helen invites you to explore her working studio and learn the process behind her creations. You will be able to see the actual buckets of dyes, fabrics, and test pieces Helen uses to make her spectacular textiles.

Helen is sweet and charismatic as she explains how she develops her screen prints and batik fabrics. Her style is very spontaneous and intuitive. She enjoys the open studio atmosphere and how it allows her to interact and explore ideas with her clients.

Visit Helen in her Rockport Studio or call 978-546-8050 for more information.

Monday, July 4, 2005

Garden Leaf Sculptures

I found these gorgeous beauties at a local Art Festival. The handmade leaf sculptures are made using large common leaves found in backyards and fields native to Massachusetts.

Each sculpture is outstanding! A leaf is used only once before it’s discarded. Using a leaf just one time allows the sculpture to have the greatest amount of texture and relief.

The sculptures are large and just heavy enough not to blow away in the wind. Rest the large leaves in a garden, next to a brick pathway, or on a porch. I am imagining mine on a large glass coffee table. How brilliant!

The sculptures range in price from $45.00 to $95.00. They can be shipped for an additional cost. Contact Gerda Maaskant by phone, 978-443-0319 or by e-mail, for more information.


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